• Virtual Care
        • Get virtual consultation with our state of the art technology and get your prescription online.

        • Elderly Health
        • Wellness program to care for your elderly with continuous health monitoring and chronic care.

        • Diabetes Care
        • AI powered tools and care to manage Diabetes with connected devices and coaching that drives long term results.

        • Women’s Health
        • A comprehensive health checkup and health management for women.

        • Hypertension Care
        • Control hypertension through blood pressure tracking and hypertension specific coaching

        • Counseling
        • Offer guidance to individuals, couples, families and groups who are dealing with issues that affect their mental health and well-being.

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Virtual Care

Sanela Virtual Care platform enables healthcare services to cater to every person from every corner of the world. We address from wellness and prevention to specialty care to complex healthcare needs. We use AI based tools to give insights and signal healthcare provider to better health outcomes at every stage of care service.

Primary Care

Pick your own family doctor so you can discuss ongoing health issues and have routine checkups and be engaged in your health. This enables to better identify health issues earlier and more effectively, and manage chronic conditions. 

Booking appointments using our Sanela Care app, its very easy and fast. Find your primary care physician or any specialist and take an appointment as per your convenience.

Quality Care

Providing quality and evidence based care requires input from connected devices and diagnosis  results. Our technology driven consultation enables the doctors to see full picture of the current condition and provide a best treatment plan.


Apart from general physicians, we have multiple specialty doctors to talk to. Book an an appointment at your own convenance, and get expert advice and prescriptions online. Our clinic and hospital providers are there to help if a physical exam is required.   

Sanela Care App

Sanela Care – Online Doctor Appointments & Consultations App is an online Appointments & Consultation app that helps patients across globe to receive the much needed medical attention from the comfort of their homes or even while traveling.

Download Sanela Care App