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        • Get virtual consultation with our state of the art technology and get your prescription online.

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        • Wellness program to care for your elderly with continuous health monitoring and chronic care.

        • Diabetes Care
        • AI powered tools and care to manage Diabetes with connected devices and coaching that drives long term results.

        • Women’s Health
        • A comprehensive health checkup and health management for women.

        • Hypertension Care
        • Control hypertension through blood pressure tracking and hypertension specific coaching

        • Counseling
        • Offer guidance to individuals, couples, families and groups who are dealing with issues that affect their mental health and well-being.

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Quality of life begins in the comfort of home. At-home nursing services provide the care for elderly, injured, and disabled individuals to heal and recover in the familiar surroundings of home. 

At Sanela Care, we understand that coordinating care for a loved one is stressful for family members. But at Sanela,  we can help alleviate that stress. We will go out our way to provide top quality medical services in the home and provide peace-of-mind for all.

The process is simple. Our registered and certified nurses will conduct a complete medical evaluation. We’ll work with the patient’s current medical team to create a personalized treatment plan that everybody will understand and follow. For our nursing staff, we not only want to provide top-notch care with compassion but we want to keep hospital visits to a bare minimum.

Our skilled nursing team includes home health aids who provide services under the supervision of clinical staff on a short-term basis and help with personal care needs including bathing, dressing, toileting, transferring, and walking.

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Sanela Nursing team can provide following services